PI: Jiyun Kim, Ph.D.

Jiyun Kim received both bachelor and doctoral degree  in Electrical Engineering at Seoul National University in 2010 and 2013 respectively. She did her postdoctoral research in Biophotonics and Nanoengineering Lab, Seoul National University for one year and in National Institute of Health in USA for one and half year. Since August 2016, she has worked as an assistant professor at the department of Material Science and Engineering in UNIST.

Research interest | Adaptive/programmable materials, Smart nanocomposites, Soft-robotics, Self-assembly, Nano-bio interfaces, Tissue engineering, Microfluidics

Contact information | jiyunkim@unist.ac.kr, +82-52-217-3052


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Nasreena Lone, Ph.D.

Dr. Lone received her bachelor and master degree in chemistry department at Aligarh Muslim University, India, in 2009, and doctoral degree in the department of applied chemical engineering at Kyungpook National University, Korea, in 2017. Her area of expertise includes polymer engineering, nanomaterials, organic synthesis, thin film fabrication, bio-fouling, coating technologies and so on.



Contact information | nasreenalone@gmail.com 

Graduate Students

Hajun Lee, MS/PhD Candidate

Hajun Lee received bachelor degree in Energy and Chemical Engineering at UNIST in 2016. He began a combined master and PhD degree in 2017. 





Contact information | leehajuny@naver.com


Junkyu Choe, MS/PhD Candidate

Junkyu Choe received bachelor degree in Material Science and Engineering at UNIST in 2018. He began his combined master and PhD degree in 2018.





Contact information | juneq@unist.ac.kr


Jiyoon Lee, MS Candidate

Jiyoon Lee received bachelor degree in Material Science and Engineering at UNIST in 2018. She began a master degree in 2018. 





Contact information | dbsldbsl527@unist.ac.kr



Hyunseo Song, Winter, 2016 ~ Present






Contact information | shsig2205@unist.ac.kr


Jeongeun Nam, Winter, 2017 ~ Present

Contact information | njo0107@unist.ac.kr


Undergraduate Intern

Myeongjun Son, Winter, 2016

Haejung Yang, Summer, 2017

Taehun Chung, Spring, 2017 ~ Winter, 2017

Junehu Park, Spring, 2017 ~ Winter, 2017

Ryeongmyeong Kim, Winter, 2016 ~ Winter, 2017