Material Intelligence Laboratory

MI Lab aims to embed 'dynamics' in soft material systems, and consequently give them an intelligence.

We aims to understand the key ingredients of the ways nature builds itself and try to use these tools to shape the next generation of material world. Specifically, we seeks to understand the collective dynamics of functional particles due to induced or local interactions, which is called self-assembly, and scrutinize it to discover new engineering principles in developing intelligent soft material systems. A collection of particles spontaneously arrange themselves as a coherent super-structure, which sometimes displays emergent characteristics. Studying and utilizing the self-assembly promises breakthroughs across all applications of material engineering, nanotechnology, robotics, and bio-engineering. Therefore, we identify key ingredients for self-assembly as a set of responsive building blocks, energy, and interactions. Considering these ingredients as a methodology will promote technological initiatives including smart manufacturing and functional diversification of programmable matter and system at nearly every scale.


We are currently recruiting postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduate students who are interested in our lab. Please contact with your CV including your name, academic/research backgrounds and research interests.


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